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Wildflower Bamboo Lovey

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Our lovey is like a mini security blanket, made of softest bamboo to help soothe your little one. You can easily unthread the ring and attach the lovey to your littles pacifier, teether or toy! It comes with a detachable ring made from all-natural beech wood that can help with teething. Our smooth wooden teether has not been sealed or coated so you can rest easy knowing your little dreamer is safe from toxins & chemicals.

Versatile! You can easily attach to pacifiers, teethers or toys!

Bamboo Fabric is buttery soft & hypoallergenic making it perfect for little dreamers with sensitive skin.

Mix & Match all of our lovey’s are made to match our cozy sleepers, headband bows & swaddles

Mom Tip! When you attach your little dreamer’s pacifier to our lovey’s it makes finding the pacifier in the middle of the night so much easier & helps to prevent the pacifier from rolling out of the crib.

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