Muse Threads


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      Our journey has never lacked adventure.  We've spent a number of years living, studying, traveling, and working abroad, falling in love with the art and design of all the places we visited along the way.  We found ourselves building an eclectic, vibrant collection of art and fabrics from different countries.

      While traveling, we redefined our sense of community, leaving pieces of our hearts all over the world.  Our desire to continue to connect and draw power from a diverse community that transcended borders and time grew after we settled back in the U.S.

      When it came to choosing fabric, comfort was our number one priority.  Because of this, bamboo was a no-brainer.  It is beyond soft and comfortable, it is a sustainable resource, and - BONUS - it is perfect for sensitive skin.

      These three concepts were the beginning of Muse Threads: Design, Community, and Comfort.  A simple idea born of a unique concept of community and paired with our desire to combine art with comfortable fabric in a new way.

      With our passion for bold, creative approaches combined with our love for bamboo fabric, we are dedicating our lives to providing quality, unexpected designs that spark a little more inspiration in your day!