Sourcebooks' mission is to reach as many people as possible through books that will enlighten their lives.

      ​We are a company bound together by the idea thaBooks. Change. Lives.
      Sourcebooks - an independent vision

      For us, it means a passion for books and a dedication to the belief that books change lives. It means innovative publishing, where every book is personal and every author’s voice has a place. And it means not being afraid to say “I don’t know” and forging a new path when we have to.

      We are a group of passionate, energetic and enthusiastic book lovers, and we are committed to helping readers experience each book.

      Thank you for being a part of our story.

      So much has changed since we started this journey twenty+ years ago in a spare bedroom—the industry, the technology, the world. And at Sourcebooks, things are no different. The conversations we get to have now are different from those we had even just five short years ago. We’ve launched new imprints to great success and built the careers of authors whose voices have a vital place in today’s community.

      But what hasn’t changed for us is our passion for books and our dedication to the belief that books change lives. All voices matter. So while our current list may be different than those first few books, you can bet that our mission hasn’t and won’t change one bit. If anything we find ourselves even more committed to that conviction than ever before.

      So take a fresh look at Sourcebooks. The Sourcebooks you thought you knew has grown up a bit —we just might surprise you.