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About the Owner:
Courtney's dream has always been to work with children in some capacity - helping children find success given the specialized tools needed for each individual child and challenge. The belief that every child can learn and be taught social-emotional skills such as empathy, was the driving force behind the decision to work in Title 1 Public Education. After graduating with her BA in Psychology, she moved to Florida to pursue her Master's Degree in School Counseling and Family Therapy. 
FAST FORWARD to Quarantine...
As the Covid epidemic heightened, Courtney and her husband Nick (a teacher) were told that schools were closed and moved to e-learning. The devastation of not being able to see her students, provide them with weekly bags of food and support their mental health needs made her re-think how she could make a difference during this new life change. Not leaving home and having more time to think about this led her to do something she has wanted to do since her daughter was very young: share with other moms the chemical-free products and bamboo clothing run by women-owned companies that made a huge impact in the life of her daughter, Lucy.
 Lucy was born with extremely sensitive skin, eczema, and sensory issues. Researching (since her birth) what fabrics and products wouldn't irritate her became a full-time trial and error. What she discovered was the miracle of bamboo fabric that is buttery soft and free of harsh chemicals. Bamboo clothing, along with organic products, and even BPA free toys and teethers, were the only thing that completely got rid of her eczema. Now the mom of a 5-year-old, she strives to help other moms discover her favorite brands that are owned by moms, free of dyes/harmful chemicals, promote social-emotional development, and are also good for the environment. 
Fun Fact: A lot of products offered at Butter Bug Boutique were used as SEL teaching tools in Courtney's School Counseling groups, like Slumberkins!
Beyond the name:
The name "Butter Bug" came from her daughters' obsession with bugs, specifically butterflies. She now collects and raises her own butterflies, like the swallowtail boutique icon, which is her favorite! Although the main inspiration, the name denotes another passion of this mom and daughter duo - buttery soft sleepwear and apparel! Check it out for yourself and feel the difference, it is life changing!
Beyond the Boutique:
The vast majority of products offered at Butter Bug Boutique are made by moms all over the world! As women, lets empower each other and shop small to support one another!
In addition to this, our brands were hand-selected a lot of our brands based on their contributions to Non-Profits such as: The Trevor Project, the National Wildlife Federation, The Ocean Foundation, Mental Health Alliance, WWF, Eco-Health Alliance, With Love From Africa, Syrian Moms as Refugees, Cow Power, and hundreds of other community projects around the world as well as local non-profits here in Tampa, FL!


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