Klee Naturals

Wink and Smile Natural Play Makeup Kit

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Don't let harsh chemicals ruin young delicate skin. Klee Natural Mineral Makeup is formulated with NO talc, NO parabens, NO synthetic dyes and NO petrochemical binders. This 2-piece starter kit comes with the rich aqua Cascade Twist eye shadow compact and Coney Glitz blush compact. Blush brush and eye shadow applicator included.

Klee Naturals offers a natural, non-toxic alternative to mass market makeup that is typically filled with artificial dyes, fragrances, heavy mineral oils, and other petrochemical ingredients. Klee makeup is made of the highest quality minerals, natural preservatives, and other good-for-you ingredients.

NO talc - NO parabens - NO synthetic dyes - NO synthetic fragrances
Gentle and Non-Toxic
Gluten Free
No Animal Testing
Made in USA

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