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A Little Ferry Tale Boat Plush

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Every day Little Ferry helps travelers to the little island. As she passes her friends at sea, she wishes she was strong like Tugboat, fast like Speedboat, or carefree like Sailboat, but Ferry is slow, quiet, and careful. Could Little Ferry be as special as her friends? In this lovely picture book, A Little Ferry Tale, written and illustrated by Chad Otis, readers will appreciate this sweet story about being unique. Just as endearing as the book, comes this matching plush Little Ferry. Complete with soft vibrant fabric, a charming, embroidered expression, and a moveable ramp. Little Ferry is a delightful gift offering lots of opportunities for imaginative play.

In the spirit of The Little Engine That Could, this sweet picture book introduces Little Ferry, who yearns to be more like the faster or stronger boats in the harbor only to find out her uniqueness can be her strength. Little Ferry feels like no one notices her. She isn’t strong like Tugboat or fast like Speedboat or graceful like Sailboat, the boats everyone loves to watch. But Little Ferry is special, too! She’s patient and careful and always on time. And when disaster flares on Wildlife Island, Little Ferry finds that her quiet traits are the very ones that will help her finally stand out and save the day.

Don't forget to grab a A Little Ferry Book for the matching set!

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