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Leslie Nelson created Little Love Bug after her own two children, whom she calls her “Little Love Bugs”.  She was raised in Oregon and brings up her two daughters in Portland. Her shoes are designed and created in the Pacific NW. She was inspired to create a quality non-slip moccasin. Form and function can now be stylish for your little one. The Original soft moccasin with non-slip soles was the beginning. 

"I’ve always loved soft sole shoes and the benefits they have for my little bugs. Rigid, constricting shoes, while cute - who doesn’t love the look of those miniature size running shoes - are said to affect foot development in little babes. Did you know there are 26 bones in the foot? The recommendation states that toddlers should continue to be in soft soles until the age of two!
I bought many moccasins, loving the idea that they can still feel the floor and have the soft soles that were always suggested, but found that my children would slip as they didn't have enough grip. They would easily rip holes in un-durable bottoms - especially once they were really active.
Insert our anti-slip sole. While your little one is sure to have bumps and tumbles as they start to walk, our soles help your toddler have a bit more grip to lessen the slips and trips. They can have the benefit of a soft sole shoe, but with a little more control.
Our moccasins are worn and tested by my little love bugs, as well as the littles of my friends and family."


Slips and falls? They help with that!

Why are soft soles important? 

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