Land of Dough

      • What makes Land of Dough sustainable?

        • Land of Dough is the most eco-friendly dough on the planet. From our plant-based colors and compostable glitters to our paper packaging, we strive to minimize the environmental impact of our product. Our manufacturing process is designed to leave as small a carbon footprint as possible. Land of Dough is made in the USA right here in our own wind-powered facility using reclaimed landfill gas as a heat source. Each batch is carefully handcrafted with the finest natural ingredients and our signature wood play tools are sourced using sustainable forestry practices.

      • What are the ingredients in Land of Dough play dough?
        • Though our full list of ingredients is proprietary, having been developed over thousands of hours of experimentation, we are happy to share our commitment to using natural, non-synthetic materials in making our products. An abbreviated list of ingredients includes: All-natural dough and colors, almond oil, compostable glitters, and calming essential oils.

      • Does Land of Dough have a scent?

        • We’ve created a signature scent from a blend of chamomile, lemongrass, and lavender essential oils to add a wonderful calming dimension to the play experience.

      • What is the play time of Land of Dough products?

        • Unopened, Land of Dough products will last over a year. Once opened, you can enjoy more than 2 hours of active play time before you’ll want to rehydrate your dough. To rehydrate, simply wrap dough in a damp paper towel and place it in its container overnight. When not in use, dough can be stored in its container with the lid on in a cool place.

          Rehydration Instructions
      • What happens once you combine all the colors inside a cup?

        • Our dough cups feature unique artistic designs using multiple colors that are thoughtfully chosen with the end color in mind. Once the dough has been played with, the colors will combine into one vibrant hue that shimmers with glitter throughout.

      • Can you preserve a Land of Dough creation?

        • Yes! If there’s a special creation you’d like to save, just let the dough harden in open air. Thinner creations should dry overnight; thicker creations may take a little longer.

      • Is Land of Dough gluten-free? Land of Dough contains wheat. A recent study from the National Children’s Hospital found no significant gluten transfer after children used dough items for play. A link to the study. 




        We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our product

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        Land of Dough is made in the USA right here in our own wind-powered facility.