Magnetic Me

Whistledon Placket Gown & Hat Set

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Magnetic Me open bottom gown + hat set is a wardrobe staple for newborns who require constant diaper changes (aka all of them). with an opening at the bottom (thank you, cinched elastic band), baby’s top half stays warm during the diaper switcheroo: pull the gown up, put on a freshy, and you’re done. other amazing features: organic cotton, built-in mitten cuffs, magnets at the top for easy over-the-head dressing.

GOTS certified organic cotton: grown without pesticides & free of harsh chemicals.
SewSafe™ magnetic closures at the top make for easy dressing and changing.
Built-in mitten cuffs protect newborns from scratching themselves.
Elastic, cinched bottom creates ease in changing diapers.
Set includes gown + matching hat.

Close magnetic fasteners before wash and dry to avoid damage.
Machine wash cold with like colors.
Dry with full load of laundry on low. Dry laundry for 30 minutes maximum.
Air dry for 30 min if garment is still damp. No commercial dryers.
No Bleach. Do not iron.

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