Tonie - Bedtime Stories with Sleepy Bear

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Create calming bedtime rituals with the Sleepy Friends collection. This Tonie features a wonderful bedtime story about Sleepy Bear’s journey home from Grandma and Grandpa’s house. On his way, he visits the squirrel, badger, rabbit, raccoon and many other animal families who are getting ready for slumber time themselves.

Listen along to a soothing voice, rhymes, and repetition with a cozy atmosphere. And while the sun goes down in the slumber forest, the narrator and music also become quieter and quieter, helping little listeners drift off to sleep.

Songs & Stories:
Chapter 1 - Slumber Forest
Chapter 2 - Bear's Lullaby 🎵
Chapter 3 - Squirrels
Chapter 4 - Bunnies
Chapter 5 - Pigs
Chapter 6 - Badgers
Chapter 7 - Raccoons
Chapter 8 - Bear's Lullaby (Reprise) 🎵
Chapter 9 - Deer
Chapter 10 - Bobcats
Chapter 11 - Bedtime at Home
Chapter 12 - Bear's Lullaby 🎵
Bonus Instrumental 🎵

Total Run Time: 38 minutes

This Tonie teaches kids about:
Being true to yourself
Bedtime routines
Strengthening family bonds

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