Baby Medical School: My Doctor&

Baby Medical School: My Doctor's Visit Board Book

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From Sourcebooks:

The bestselling scientific series is expanding! A new division of scientific topics are covered by expert Cara Florance using whimsical artwork and humorous text, perfect for enlightening the next generation of geniuses.

24-page board book.

The bestselling Baby University book series that brought you ABCs of Space, Rocket Science for Babies, and Quantum Physics for Babies is expanding!

Empower children with this educational doctor book for kids so they can visit the doctor with courage and curiosity! Every year, you go to the doctor's office to make sure your body is working like it should. A nurse and doctor will check almost every part of you. They want to make sure you stay happy and healthy. Written by leading medical experts, Cara and Jon Florance, this doctor’s visit book will take the fear out of going to the doctor by breaking down what and why a doctor does what he or she does.