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Petting Zoo TOOB®

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Make sure you bring some treats to give these adorable animals! This toob features a young boy and girl, as well as a holstein calf, llama, fawn, pygmy kid goat, lamb, shetland pony, bunny, piglet, and tortoise, its contents as unique and varied as they are cute. History: Also known as children's farms and petting farms, petting zoos are a collection of domesticated and docile animals that are looking to meet new people while enjoying a few treats. Although most petting zoos tend to include farm animals, some, like the ones stored in this toob, have exotic animals like tortoises and llamas! Characteristics: painted and researched for true to life accuracy, you won't have any trouble pretending your room is a full-fledged petting zoo! Whether it's the precious piglet, cute cow, or any other of the other cuddly animals, you'll be blown away by these figurines' realism and detail. Size: 1.5 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 12.8 inches tall.

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