My Buddy Wheels - Unicorn Balance bike

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My Buddy Wheels helps a child learn the fundamental skills needed for cycling by combining a balance bike with a soft cuddly friend to make the adventure more exciting and enticing for your child! Every child’s cuddly friend who’ll be with them every step of the way as they learn the fundamental skills required for a lifetime of cycling. They will learn to balance without realising because they will be having so much fun - playing. Letting their imaginations go wild and going on big adventures with their buddy, Your child will LEARN: Stability, Speed, Strength, Confidence. Today’s kids skip the tricycles and training wheels and go straight from a balance bike to a bicycle. My Buddy Wheels is designed from the ground up to teach balance, coordination and gross motor skills. Our friendly Buddies are a companion and help the child build confidence. Our friendly unicorn, dino and horse buddies are easy to take on/off, and are easily washable.

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