Sweet Ellie Sue

Round Up Gang Zipper Romper

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These Ellie Sue bamboo viscose zipper rompers are the perfect end to every day. Crafted with love and care, these pajamas are the epitome of comfort, softness, and style. Drift into dreamland wrapped in the luxury of our bamboo zipper rompers. You and your kids will cherish bedtime stories, cuddles, and sweet dreams in these soft, stylish, zipper rompers. Order your Bamboo Zipper Romper today, and watch bedtime become the highlight of your child's day. Make their nights as magical as their dreams! 🌙✨

95% Bamboo Viscose
5% Spandex
Just toss them in the washing machine, and our pajamas maintain their softness and color, wash after wash.

Wash Instructions

Wash with mild detergent on delicate or gentle cycle
No Bleach
Hang/air dry only