RAGS - Butterbugboutique



I originally started this company to sell my kids' hand-me-down clothing. My husband was in grad school and we seriously had NO money. I started selling my kids’ clothing on Instagram. The stuff that was selling the fastest was the clothing I had made for them. I realized I needed to create and sell clothing for a living. As a mother of a wriggly toddler, I was over putting my little dude in a one-piece with snaps at the bottom. I loved the idea of a one-piece, but hated the hassle. So, I created my own. The Rag.


1. FASHIONABLE. Who doesn't like a well dressed little kiddo?
2. Had a comfortable FIT. I didn’t want Harrison to look like he was wearing a box. Everything he had just never fit his cute little body.
3. That was super FUNCTIONAL. I say it all of the time: Function over fashion. But the RAG was perfect. It had no snaps, it was easy on and off, and it looked amazing. Best of both worlds. These three things are the driving factors behind everything I like and there was nothing in the marketplace that had all three.